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Wemyss Bay - Rothesay

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Saturday 7th December

Due to weather forecast on Saturday 7th December this service is on yellow alert and berthing at Wemyss Bay cannot be guaranteed.

As works are currently being carried out on the linkspan at Gourock by pier owners CMAL, it is not possible to divert this service to Gourock in the event of being unable to berth at Wemyss Bay.

Foot passengers are advised that a local bus service operates between Dunoon and Rothesay on a Saturday to the following timetable:-

Depart Rothesay 08:19
Arrive Dunoon 09:31

Depart Dunoon 09:33
Arrive Rothesay 10:54

Depart Rothesay 14:19
Arrive Dunoon 15:31

Depart Dunoon 15:44
Arrive Rothesay 16:54

Depart Rothesay 17:19
Arrive Dunoon 18:31

Depart Dunoon 18:44
Arrive Rothesay 19:54

Reason: weather conditions

Last Updated: 07 Dec 2019 09:02