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Ardrossan - Brodick

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Service updates

Friday 18th January 

Due to a heavy swell running into Brodick with no sign of a change in direction or reduction in windspeed, both the 18:00 sailing from Brodick and the 19:20 sailing from Ardrossan are liable to disruption or cancellation at short notice.

Due to the earlier incident with the Passenger Access System and having to board passengers via the car deck the 16:40 from Brodick is running approximately 30 minutes late.

Reason: weather conditions

Last Updated: 18 Jan 2019 17:18

Supplementary information

Passenger Access System

Due to weather/sea conditions, there has been an incident involving the Brodick PAS which has resulted in minor damage being sustained to the transition flap. As a result of this, the PAS has been taken out of operation until the extent of the damage can be investigated. In the meantime foot passengers will be boarded via the car deck. Engineers will be on site tomorrow to investigate.

Friday 18th January

The technical issue with the MV Isle of Arran's lifeboat has now been resolved and service will now operate with normal passenger capacity.

Connecting Train Services for weekends in January

There is track and signalling work taking place near Paisley which may affect your journey to and from the port. Please ensure ensure you allow enough travel time to meet check in. More information can be found here:

Thursday 3rd January - Friday 25th January (inclusive)

While the MV Caledonian Isles is in dry dock (3rd Jan - 25th Jan), the MV Isle of Arran will be operating a reduced timetable to support the Hebridean Isles during this docking period. 

MV Caledonian Isles Update

MV Caledonian Isles’ return to service from annual overhaul has been delayed.

The Ardrossan-Brodick service will revert to the published single vessel timetable as planned on Saturday 26 January.

On Saturday 26 January the service will be operated by MV Hebridean Isles. MV Clansman will operate the service from Sunday 27 January until MV Caledonian Isles returns to service, which is currently planned to be Saturday 2 February.

Foot passengers at Ardrossan will be required to board via the car deck until Friday 1 February. 

Ardrossan Development Works 

7 January 2019 - End of February

We have been advised by Peel Ports that as part of the Ardrossan development works they plan to undertake bore holes, trial pits and various scans across the Arran berth, Irish berth and Winton pier, commencing January 07th which are estimated to last to end February.

During this time the rear of the terminal will be unavailable for staff/crew or commercial vehicle parking. Access for the fuel tanker will be made available under escort around the rear of the terminal to the vessel. A section of the main customer car park will be made available for crew parking during this time.

This will cause some disruption to car parking and landside activities but will not impact the ferry service.

The works will occur in two phases. 

  • Arran berth (07th – 28th January). Irish Berth (04th – 28th February). The areas will be fenced off and controlled by the contractor.
  • Dock hands will be inducted and so will not be impeded by the operation. The ferry service will always come first.