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Mallaig - Canna, Mallaig - Eigg, Mallaig - Muck, Mallaig - Rum

Be aware

Service updates

Tuesday 25th September

Due to adverse weather, both the vehicle and passenger service are liable to disruption/cancellation at short notice on Tuesday 25th September.

The Ullin of Staffa (Passenger only service) will operate as per timetable - weather dependant.

MV Loch Bhrusda (vehicle/ freight service ) will operate to the below amended timetable - weather dependant.

Depart Mallaig: 1015
Arrive Eigg: 1150
Depart Eigg: 1200
Arrive Muck: 1235
Depart Muck: 1245
Arrive Mallaig: 1445

Reason: weather conditions

Last Updated: 24 Sep 2018 19:53

Supplementary information

Monday 24th September

MV Ullin Of Staff ( passenger only service ) Will operate to the normal time table.

Please see below the following times for the MV Loch Bhrusda (vehicle/ freight service )

Depart Mallaig 10:15
Arrive Eigg 11:50
Depart Eigg 12:00
Arrive Rum 13:15
Depart Rum 13:25
Arrive Canna 14:40
Depart Canna 14:50
Arrive Rum 16:05
Depart Rum 16:15
Arrive Eigg 17:30
Depart Eigg 17:40
Arrive Mallaig 19:15

Saturday 8th - Tuesday 25th September

Please be advised the regular vessel will be off service attending drydock between the 8th and the 25th September.

During this period the Small Isles service will be operated by the M.V. Loch Bhrusda for vehicles.

A passenger charter will operate as per the timetable. 

Please note there will be no onboard facilities and passenger numbers will be limited on a first come first served basis.