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Mallaig - Canna, Mallaig - Eigg, Mallaig - Muck, Mallaig - Rum

One or more sailings are disrupted

Service updates

The (foot passenger only) charter service operates to the normal timetable.

The Loch Bhrusda (vehicle service) operates to the below amended timetable:

Thursday 19th September

Depart Mallaig 10:10
Arrive Eigg 11:45
Depart Eigg 11:55
Arrive Muck 12:30
Depart Muck 13:00
Arrive Eigg 13:35
Depart Eigg 13:45
Arrive Mallaig 15:20

Friday 20th September

Depart Mallaig 07:50
Arrive Muck 09:50
Depart Muck 10:10
Arrive Eigg 10:45
Depart Eigg 10:55
Arrive Mallaig 12:30
Depart Mallaig 12:40
Arrive Rum 14:30
Depart Rum 14:40
Arrive Canna 15:55
Depart Canna 16:05
Arrive Mallaig 18:45

Saturday 21st September

Depart Mallaig 09:00
Arrive Canna 11:40
Depart Canna 11:50
Arrive Mallaig 14:30
Depart Mallaig 14:40
Arrive Eigg 15:15
Depart Eigg 15:45
Arrive Mallaig 17:20

Sunday 22nd September

Depart Mallaig 09:00
Arrive Rum 10:50
Depart Rum 11:00
Arrive Canna 12:15
Depart Canna 12:25
Arrive Mallaig 15:05
Depart Mallaig 15:15
Arrive Eigg 16:50
Depart Eigg 17:00
Arrive Mallaig 18:35

Reason: operational

Last Updated: 19 Sep 2019 13:39

Supplementary information

Saturday 7th September - Monday 7th October

The Small Isles service will be operated by the Loch Bhrusda and a smaller passenger charter vessel from the 14:25 departure from Saturday 7th September to Monday 7th October inclusive, due to the regular vessel departing for it's annual overhaul.

The Loch Bhrusda will operate to accommodate vehicle bookings and Freight.

The passenger charter will operate as per the scheduled timetable. 

Please note passenger numbers are limited on a first come first served basis and there is no on board catering facilities on these vessels.